Animation maker online FAQ. 5 - Staff
How to add text and draw over animation frames?
Wait until pictures uploaded, than double click on uploaded picture and you can add text or draw on it.
How to save created animation?
On result page (you reqch it after click on "Make animation!") click on "download this animation" link, which located above your new animation or click right mouse button on created animation and select "Save image as" or "Save target as" (different browsers has different names of this menu item)
What is maximum number of frames in animation?
Not very big. But remember, that number of frames dramatically increase size of animation. Big animations make browser freeze and other animation displaying problems.
What is maximum size of animation?
800x800. If uploaded pictures have bigger size they'll automatically scale to maximum size.
What type of animation does your service make?
GIF animation. Because all modern browsers support it. And you won't have any problem when share it.
My photos are private. Does your service store them forever?
No. All automatically delete all files in two week after your visit, sometimes later or earlier.
Are your service free?
Yes. Our animation maker service absolutely free for you for making basic animations online.
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