How to use animation maker? Very easy!

Upload Select you favorite photos or other preferred pictures and upload them using Upload button. Just drag-n-drop selected photos and pictures to upload button on click on it to select them via upload file dialog. You can upload animated gif or short movies to use th em in animation. Make click"Make animation!" to start making animation or edit your frames below.
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Animation maker button
Click to upload photos and pictures
or drag-n-drop files here
Make animation!
Edit It's main step in using animation maker. Arrange uploaded pictures by mouse with icon. Double click on uploaded pictures to edit them, you can add text over the pictures or draw on them.

Also you can set custom duration and background for each frame, but default (for all frames) duration and background you can set on on next step.


Set general animation properties


Set default text style


Choose what transition effects do you want to use and their preferences here

Animation maker

Use our animation maker to make animation for free. With our animation maker you may make animation for social network avatar. Select several funny holidays photos and make cool holiday animation for your blog or homepage. Use camera to make series of cool photos, upload them and make cool short movie.

Also you can make viral animation of your product, or make animated banner for online advertisement networks like adsense. Also you can make short presentation for your class or small demo for university. Also use this animation maker to make short "How tos", f.e. use animation maker to make short animated how to about how to tie a tie.

Series of images can represent a lot of things. Maybe you want lets users short animation about how to make crane from paper with origami? Enjoy :)

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Animation maker one of the best online software to make animation. It very simple tool but very powerful. Animation maker is absolutely free animation program for you. You can upload your photos, select size background and other options and make animation in seconds.
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